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Commanders of AU Mission in Somalia to Trail in Kampala

AUKampala-Mustaqbal Radio–

The Army of Uganda suspended four commanders of the African Union mIssion to Somalia (Amisom) from a military base attacked on Semtember 1st by Al Shabab, The Observer newspaper reported today.

The suspension, pending a military trial, was ordered by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in a radio message addressed to the commander of the defense forces and all the units.

Museveni wondered how Al Shabab could break the defenses of the Ugandan troops.

Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi and other African countries have soldiers on Amisom.

Army spokesman Paddy Ankunda said “they were suspended due to investigations”; however, he asked not to discuss the issue in detail because of the sudden death, a few hours before, of Gen. Aronda Nyakairima.

President muzeveni told journalists in Japan, where he is on a state visit, that the suspended commanders will face a war-time military court because of their role in the attack that killed 19 troops and other six are believed to have been captured by members of Al Shabab.

In his radio message on Sep 1st, Museveni said the Army lost 17 troops -since then updated to 19– and wondered how the attack could happen; he ordered the arrest of the commander of the battalion, the commanders of the company and intelligence officers.

Source:Prensa Latina