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Gianfranco Zola:”Conte waa macalinka kaliya ee ku wanaagsan leylinta Chelsea”

Halyeeygii hore ee Chelsea Gianfranco Zola ayaa qabo in Antonio Conte uu yahay macalinka kaliya eek u haboon in uu sii hogaamiyo naadiga Chelsea.


Antonio Conte waa macallinka ugu wanaagsan ee Chelsea hoggaamin doona, sida uu sheegayo iyadoo Blues ay macquul aheyd in ay iska beddesho macallinka bartamaha Sanadkan.


Conte ayaa ku hoggaamiyay Chelsea horyaalka Premier League sanadkiisii ugu horreeyay ee garoonka Stamford Bridge balse waqtiyadii Dambe Nolosha ayaa aad ugu sii Adkaatay.


Kooxda Galbeedka London ayaa u muuqata mid halis uga jirta in ay weyso ka qeyb galka Champions League iyadoo koobka hadda socda ay ka reebtay kooxda Barcelona.


Macallinka reer Talyaani ayaa Xirir aan wanaagsaneyn wuxuu la leeyahay maamulka iyo xiddigaha Chelsea iyadoo tababarihii hore ee Juventus uu yahay macallin marka la fiiriyo Mustawihiisa hannaanka dhismaha uu yahay mid wanaagsan.


Halyeeygii hore ee Chelsea Zola ayaa rumeysan haddaba in Conte uu weli yahay macallinka ugu wanaagsan ee lagu Aamini karo howsha kooxda.


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