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Mohamed Osman: “AMISOM is threating us for releasing killer soldier of my brother”

Mogadishu: On 9th April this month one of AMISOM Vehicles hit our brother who was working as Garage boy for one Minibus in the Capital and later dead his danger injuries.

When AMISOM Vehicle hitting the our Brother he was repairing one of the Minibus tyres  after Punctured it.

This accident happened at Siinay intersection,but AMISOM vehicles run away and then Somali Security forces captured at Sanco Intersection about 6:30 PM of evening after they did this ugly accident.

The Vehicle taken to the Traffic Station but unfortunately the Car was released and the Driver imprisoned at the Traffic jail in Mogadishu.

The Victim was named Ali Osman Abba Sheikh,his brother Mohamed Osman told us that this Family met with AMISOM Officials but they didn’t get satisfied Answere.

AMISOM Officials said they will pay $300 dollars for this accident and they want release their Soldier, if it didn’t happen they will release by force.

Somali Security Officials,Militray court and Banadir Regional court got the threats and then taken the killer to the Central jail.

Momed Osman said “it was 9th April at evening at Siinay Intersection, my Brother Ali Osman Abba Sheikh of 32 old was killed by AMISOM Convey and they run to 2km and he dead,Thanks to God, there are more Citizens who are caring others and Our Police Forces,and they captured,those who killed their brother also  Citizens witness participated to hold AMISOM convey,the Police Officers Phoned us and tald what happened,we come and all of Us go to the CID,we delivered All Documents,the killer jailed Traffic Station”.

“at the morning we come the Traffic station unfortunately we sow only the killer and the Car released,we felt sorry,after we ask local Security why they released ?, and they answer that they have the Soldier”.

“My brother dead after the AMISOM vehicle passed on head and dead immediately,their cars are very heavy and no onecan life those hit”.

“we went to HALANE Base where AMISOM stays, we met AMISOM Officers,they tald as that they will give us $300 Doollar an tell the Government that we agreed and AMISOM needs releasing the soldier,I said the Officer do you grantee the responsibility? But said no,and then they phoned Somalia police Commander Gen Saacid,affered to release the soldier but refused and Said this soldier is criminal,the Ugandan Officer threated us and tald us that he will release his soldier by force”.

After that we go to the Militray court and Banadir Regional court and delivered documents of our case,we are calling our government not release this soldier since AMISOM to pay my brother’s Composition”.

It is normal inside Somalia that AMISOM Vehicles kill, injure and destroy Civilians properties without accountability from Federal Government of Somalia or Rights ORGs.

They Kill,wound and destroy then  run away and that is shame for AU and International obligations for Humanity and also Crime for the doers.

AMISOM troops try to run after the accidents but most of them held by Civilians using stones and road blocks then Somalis NISA take over the satiation.

AMISOM rules are stating like this event right and equivalent compositions and while soldiers should take to the courts, but ignored all rules accept fighting.

Interviewed by: Nasrin Mohamed Ibrahim

Translated by: Adam Ibrahim Farah.

Mustaqbal Radio,Muqdisho-Somalia