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Who owns Somalia? Looting Somalia’s national assets

Somali president is expected to travel to UAE on April 9th as part of state visit extended by UAE government. President Mohamed has agreed in principal to approve UAE base in Barbara and PD world concession to Berbera port. He also accepted recently signed agreement between P&O with Puntland government. P&O will develop the port in two phases with 30-year management concession, total investment was estimated around US$336 million.The deal was negotiated and facilitated by the former Prime Minister Omar Sharmarke with gold handshake.

Sadly recent  Parlaiment uproar  on UAE taking over Barbara base was successfully defused as UAE handlers within the Somali parliament bribed Parlaiment leaders with President consent and approval. If Somalis expected Parlaiment will reject it, forget it! One parliamentarian said “it’s done deal, our leaders include speakers and president ended Parlaiment debate, I am assuming money exchanged hands… but UAE grab of national assets is history, until we get accountable parliament, Somalia’s looting will continue”

You may ask what does President Mohamed exchanged for singing away Somalia’s national assets without proper due process! UAE will provide office of the president for monthly allowance of $2 Million and possibly  monthly limited budgetary support for the government. Greatest form of Corruption  is selling national asset or the future of a country for pity personal interest. Indeed Somali leaders old or new seems to be obsessed with plundering of national wealth at the expense of their citizens.

UAE will give Somalia’s new president the ultimate and the highest head of state visit experience, an exercise intended to breakdown inexperienced president.  By the end of the visit, he may handover the entire country to UAE.

By Faysal Ahmed Abdulle

member of parliament

Galmudug state